Dearest Grace

Dearest All,

DearestGrace all started after I entered DearBell’s gorgeous jewelry store. “Let’s work on something together!” & we were like…”seriously why not?” But what shall we do? Maybe a young line with a fresh kick?

Since many of my friends have been raving about essential oils for a while, a new idea was birthed. Every person longs to have a signature smell that will connect them with others and themselves instantly. How lovely to have a scent not made of different chemicals like many perfumes in the market right now but with 100% Essential oils that has healing qualities of all sorts?

I hope each person of you will receive Joy, Comfort, and Healing through our DearestGrace collection. Please let us know how we can make your day just a tad bit sweeter.

Dear all,

We use materials as things that steer clear of the unconventional. We believe that we’ve submerged in a world of forgotten treasures. With the help of DearBell’s the child of Mr. Bell Kwan & beautiful girl Ms. Grace Wong, we are proud to present you “DearestGrace”.

Mixing ingredients: Bell’s innovative and creative designs, Grace’s elegance and girly ideas, DearestGrace shows you wearable & unexpected fashion forward accessories in each collection!

Please do not wait now, take a look at our treasures, be ready to “WOW”!

Photo 01Photo 02.jpgPhoto 03.jpgPhoto 04.jpgPhoto 05.jpgPhoto 07Photo 06

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